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Hyde Specialty Auto
Body and Restoration

Auto body repair shops

Hyde Specialty Auto Body and Restoration has its base at our purpose built and ergonomically designed facility at 44 1/2 S. Squirrel Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

At our facility, we are fully equipped to perform any and all tasks your restoration project needs - no matter what its stage of construction!

Our highly specialized staff and in-house engineer perform all aspects of vehicle restoration, from minor repairs to complete exterior refinishing. We also provide professional assistance - providing you with the expertise and specialist skills you may need to complete some aspect of your ongoing restoration project.

Yes! These can be restored and we have the experience, knowledge and resources to do it!"

Our state-of-the-art spraying facility - with the latest HVLP equipment - provides your restoration the finest, smoothest, and most eye- catching paint finish available. PPG, Sikkens, House of Color, R&M, DuPont, Ultra 7000, these are just a few of the quality paint systems we can provide - with a perfect finish guaranteed by our experienced in-house paint technicians. Just browse our sample books, pick one of the thousands of available colors - and we do the rest.

Whatever your requirements, Hyde Specialty Auto Body and Restoration meets your needs - professionally.

Custom chassis work and buildups are also available, including roll cages, narrowed rear ends, front suspension - any type of upgrade:

You want it, we do it!

We also specialize in panel replacement: quarter panels, floor sections, trunk floors, door skins and rocker panels are just a few of the difficult to replace, often rusted-out panels we can expertly install.

Yes, we can even expertly repair rust damage this extensive!

We can perform full ground-up "Rotisserie" restoration on your vehicle: body, driveline, electrical, glass, assembly, trim, chrome, upholstery.

Everything you need!

We offer a while-you-wait nitrous oxide refill service.
Just sit back and enjoy a quick cup of coffee while we refill or top off your tank.